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Unloading a Fully Painted Tower from a Trailer


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Here is an observation I have made when unloading a fully painted tower from the trailer.  The top layer has three orange tubes and the white transition tube.  The second layer from the top has four orange tubes.  The third layer from the top has three white tubes and one orange tube. The bottom layer has 4 white tubes.  When you start assembling the tower, you start at the bottom and need the orange baseplate tube and three orange tubes.  Here is where it gets difficult.  You have to set the transition tube to the side.  Using one orange tube from the second layer you have your first four orange tubes in place.  Now you need four white tubes but they are on the third layer from the top and the bottom layer.  You now will need to find a place to set the remaining four orange tubes so you can place four white tubes.

 This seems like a lot of extra tube movement to me!

 Better to put four orange tubes on the top layer, including the base plate tube.  On the second layer, from the top, put four white tubes.  On the third layer, from the top, put four orange tubes.  Then on the bottom layer put three white tubes and the transition tube.

 Has anyone else made this observation?


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