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RISO Anemo Data in symphonie data retriever


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Hi there.

We have recently installed a first claso RISO anemo, and we are having some trouble regarding the data exported by the SDR. Basically the wind speed measured exported by the SDR is not adjusted with the scale factor configured for its corresponding channel in the site archive (0.765).

Shouldn?t the data exported from the SDR be adjusted automatically? despite de fact is a RISO anemo and not a NRG?

If I take a look at a RWD archive, scaled using settings from Logger, works fine, and the adjustment / correction is made... there is a diffrerence between the data scaled using settings from Logger, with data scaled using settings from Site. But this correction is not made or considered when exporting data with de SDR.

chanel 4, where RISO anemo is installed, has its scale factor and offset configured in the sensor archive sector, in its corresponding site archive (.nsd).

Thks a lot


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