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SymphoniePLUS Wiring Tips


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At the beginning of April 2009, NRG Systems released the newest member of the NRG family of data Loggers - the SymphoniePLUS.  The SymphoniePLUS is the successor to the internet enabled Symphonie data logger.  Three additional built-in Speed channels were added to the original six of the Symphonie.

With the addition of three new channels, three more wiring terminal blocks were added to the wiring panel, making this the one of the only obvious difference between the two loggers.  The SymphoniePLUS wiring panel also has a white label rather than the black one of the older style Symphonie.  These additional sensors are wired into what was previously the location of the Sensor 12V Power Supply terminals. 

The following are some pointers for wiring the new style panels to avoid clutter and confusion in the shelter box (Click on pictures to enlarge):

Start by wiring the Spd channel 13 first. The order of shield wires does not matter, so you can begin by wiring the shield of channel 13 into the first shield terminal.


Next, wire Spd channel 1 with its shield going to the second shield terminal:


Continue following this pattern, wiring the back terminal first, then the corresponding front terminal second, wiring the shields in the order you follow with the Spd channels - channel 14, then channel 2; channel 15 then 3:


In summary, wire the Speed channels in the following order: 13, 1, 14, 2, 15, 3.




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