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What happens if I accidentally wired my vane incorrectly...


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A potentiometer wind vane such as the NRG 200P has 3 connection points.  One at either end of the potentiometer and one at the potentiometer wiper.  The potentiometer wiper moves with the vane tail relative to the fixed base, which produces the ratiomentric signal output of the vane.  

Using the 3 connections, there is one correct way to wire the vane and 5 incorrect ways.  Of the 5 incorrect ways to wire the vane there is only one way in which you can "correct" the data (excitation and ground are swapped while signal is correct). There is another post for this case in our Technical Knowledgebase.

We developed a rough guide as to how the various wiring scenarios look on the logger screen. The guide may also be helpful in determining if one of two vanes is miswired by comparing the data from each. 

Be sure to check your connections at the site! 


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