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How to get the APN into the GSM iPack for GPRS Service

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We've seen some confusion with the procedure for loading the APN into a GSM iPack being configured for GPRS service.

The thing to remember is that you must send the APN into the iPack as a "seperate transaction" using the "send" button on the "set up phone window" in SDR's "Modify iPack Setttings" screen. 

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, the APN will NOT be transferred to the iPack when you use the "save to iPack" selection in the "Modify iPack Settings" screen.

So, to summarize, the user would have to "save to iPack" to save the ISP information into the iPack and then go to  "set up phone" window, type in the APN and press "Send". This is a 2-step process.

 If you receive an IE 075 while trying to use GPRS, it is a good idea to press "get" to make sure the APN is properly loaded.








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