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 Hi -

I'm not sure if you are having trouble formatting a new MMC or are having trouble reading the data off an MMC.  If you are having trouble reading the MMC, you may want to contact us at support@nrgsystems.com for an RMA in order to return the card to NRG.  If you are having trouble formatting a MMC, I have provided some additional information below:

 Symphonie MMC Card Compatibilty (http://www.nrgsystems.com/TechSupport/KnowledgeBase.aspx?id=156&category=13)

Not all MMC cards are alike.  Some MMC cards will not perform well
or at all in a Symphonie logger.  For this reason, it is important to
use MMC cards supplied by NRG.  NRG performs lot tests on the MMC cards
we provide to assure compatibility. 

  • If you are in a real bind and need to use a MMC purchased locally,
    choose the smallest available MMC size you can.  Larger cards do not
    typically perform as reliably as a 16 or 32 MB card. 
  • If a MMC does not format in a Symphonie logger on the first attempt, it is recommended that the MMC is not used.
  • Never format your MMC on Windows - Always format your MMC in a Symphonie logger.
  • SD (Secure Digital) cards cannot be used in Symphonie. The SD cards
    have a slightly different form factor and will not fit into a Symphonie
    correctly. Further, the SD communication protocol is different from the
    standard MMC.
  • MMC Plus cards will also not work.
  • Keep a few spare MMC cards on hand.

    Always use NRG supplied MMC cards with Symphonie. 

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