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#40H applying transfer function


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We are connecting the anemometer to a telemetry device. This is counting pulses and reporting back to us on a minute by minute basis.

My question is to do with the m/s = (Hz x 0.765) + 0.35

So if I have 300 pulses in my minute do I do (300/60)*0.765 +.35 to get the correct reading.

Will this give me an accurate average m/s over the minute or do I need to do it a different way?

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Hi - 

Your method will give you the correct one minute average.  However, one minute averages are not typically used in the windpower industry.  I've added some more information below, in case it is helpful for you.

For the resource assessment side of wind power, the industry has standardized on 2 second accumulation and 10 minute averages.  That is, determine the frequency for each 2 second period of time and then average all those at the end of 10 minutes.   It is also good to track min / max and standard deviation for each 10 minute period.



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