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I have a problem.

I have a mast(heigh 60m) with data logger.Occasionally i go on site and i remove/substition the ssd card becouse i d' ont have a connection. I put the RAW date in my computer and i calculation with Symphonie. The settings of the program is default (scale 0.765 offset 0.35), but the result is not possible.

I have a storical anemometer(heigh 20 m) near my mast.

The result are similar, but this effect is not probabli because the heigh are different.

I have a probable result with settings "unknow anemometer(setting scale 1 offset 0)" in the software.Is correct?

I do not know. I need assistance...

thank you for availability! Best Regards

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 Stefano - are the anemometers you are comparing both #40C anemometers?  it sounds as though there may be a problem with the scale factors.  Can you send us some raw (*.rwd) files to review?  I'd like to try to duplicate the problem you are seeing and find the solution. Thanks!

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