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Minimum wind speed for TIs (turbulence intensities)

Julia Austin

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 Q: Is the Minimum wind speed for TIs of 4.5 m/s shown in SDR's "Editing Wind Rose" screen a default value?  If so, can it be changed?

 A:  Yes, 4.5 m/s is the default lower limit in SDR.  While it is possible to change the mimimum value, raising it could skew TI (turbulence intensity) calculations (i.e. if you only calculate TIs based on higher wind speeds, there may be higher average TI values, but in fewer directions because some of the data will be eliminated from the TI calculations). 

Lowering the limit is not recommended because below 4.5 m/s is close to the threshold speed for wind turbines.  While the lower range of wind speeds is not of much interest for wind energy measurements, eliminating them could artificially inflate the overall TI averages, which are very important in choosing an appropriate wind turbine.


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