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Importing Raw Files into SDR

Julia Austin

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From SDR?s main screen:





Go to File menu, choose Batch Process, browse to wherever
your Raw files are located


Click on the first file you wish to import, hold down your
Shift key on the keyboard, and click on the last file in the list you wish to
import.  A batch of files will be selected:




Click ?Open? and the ?Batch Processing??screen will appear:SDRscreen4.JPG

Generally, you will want to Use predefined site parameters
and Import data to site database by selecting those choices as shown
above.  Typically ?Do not output text files? is left un-checked.

Click ?Go?

If this is the first time you have imported data from this
site to SDR, you will see this screen:



And will need to proceed with setting up the site
information here:SDRscreen6.JPG


Once that is completed, choose File, and Save Site, and then
close the Site Information Editor window.

Once it is closed, the files will import:




When it completes, press ?Done!?


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