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Installation of a CDMA Windlinx Ready iPack (SN 3861NNNN)


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There are some differences when installing a Windlinx Ready CDMA iPack (SN 3861NNNN) compared to the older CDMA iPack (3531NNNN).

First off, the unit has already been initialized and call tested at NRG.  This is important to note as the installer no longer has to perform the over the air programming (initialize iPack) step in the field.  This means the installer does not need to be in a Verizon home area to activate the unit!


What to do - pre-installation

Make sure you have the specific activation form that was included with the iPack (and was also emailed to the purchaser of the iPack).

Follow the instructions on the activation form and go to portal.windlinx.net to activate the device.  Once a Windlinx account for your company has been established, there is an activation wizard to add the CDMA iPack which requires you to enter information from the activation sheet.  This should take only a few minutes.  Once the activation request is submitted, Wireless Innovation will activate the iPack; a typical activation is completed well under one business day.

Once the device has been activated, you can generate an IPK file for your iPack.  Be sure to know the email address you want the data sent to (along with any CC addresses), the subject line of the email and the call frequency (one day, 3 day, etc).  All other parameters will be automagically generated by the wizard.  You will see a link called "generate ipk file"  - just enter the information and click "generate and download".  You now have an IPK file that you can save to your computer and/or email directly to the installer from Windlinx.  The IPK file will automagically be saved under that iPack in Windlinx so it does not get lost!  You can always log back in and download the file.


What to do - in the field

This applies for all of North America (USA and Canada)

Make sure you have the Windlinx generated IPK file for your iPack / site!

Load the IPK file as you normally would using SDR

Place a data call using the call now feature of Symphonie to test the system.



What NOT to do  - pre-installation

If you intend to use the Windlinx system, do NOT contact Verizon to activate a cell account.  Do NOT contact an internet provider to set up specific mailboxes for the iPack.


What NOT to do - in the field

Do NOT intialize the iPack!  The iPack is shipped pre-initialized.



For more information see www.windlinx.com.














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