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Opt out of Windlinx


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We understand not everyone wants to use Windlinx just yet.  If you wish to use your own cellular and internet provider, please follow these guidlines.

Q: I do not want to use WindLinx wireless services ? how do I opt out of this service?

A: Depending on the type of iPack purchased, you can opt out of using WindLinx services as follows:

  • iPack GSM/GPRS Quadband ? Remove and discard the factory installed GSM SIM from iPack-it will not work in any other device. Replace with GSM SIM from your preferred service provider.

  • iPack CDMA ?Wireless Innovation customer support: msat@wi-ltd.net. Once deactivated by Wireless Innovation, you will need to contact Verizon to have the iPack registered for the Verizon CDMA network.  In Canada, it does not make sense to remove a Windlinx based unit from Windlinx - the unit cannot be activated directly on TELUS or BELL. 

  • iPack Iridium Satellite - WindLinx service is an integrated part of this iPack and cannot be changed.



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