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Have anchors other than the double-helix screw-in anchors been used to raise the 80m tower? If the tower is being installed in areas not conducive to screw-in anchors (e.g. solid rock), can cross-plate or oil-field anchors be used?

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Anchor requirements are site specific ? soil types must be analyzed as part of your pre-installation planning process. Correct anchor selection is extremely important to the integrity of the tower structure. It must take into account soil type, maximum winds expected, icing and other weather conditions, plus include a suitable safety-factor. Please review Appendix B of the 80m XHD Manual and, if you aren?t sure what anchor-types are required, please speak with a civil engineer to ensure proper selection and installation. The 8-inch double-helix screw-in anchors are available to purchase from NRG Systems as an option. Screw-in anchors are commonly used for normal clay soils without rocks.

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