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How long is NRG wind sensor lifetime?


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Hello -

Sensor life is highly dependent on the environmental conditions the sensor operates under. 

In our experience, extreme ice, lightning, poor grounding, electrostatic discharge (ESD), highly corrosive environments, extreme winds, wind blown dust and poor handling can all lessen or end the life of a sensor (it is important to remember these items are not covered under the standard two year warranty). 

Mechanical sensors with moving parts such as wind vanes and anemometers also have different characteristics than non-mechanical sensors such as a temperature or pressure sensor, which do not contain moving parts.  That said, typical wind resource assessment campaigns are designed to be 1-2 years long and NRG attempts to make the designs as robust as possible to meet or exceed this timeframe.

If you have any further questions please contact us at support@nrgsystems.com.


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