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Typical life of NRG TallTower

Julia Austin

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This question does not have an easy answer, as it all depends on where the towers were previously installed.  If the conditions were harsh (corrosion or icing for example), the life of the towers will be compromised. Here are a few things to look for when deciding whether or not the towers are still in good condition:  


  • Rust on the tower tube surface indicates the tower may have either experienced a corrosive environment or be a sign of age (or both).  All NRG Systems tubular tower components are hot dipped, galvanized steel and in normal environments may not rust for many years.  While surface rust is not going to compromise the strength and integrity of the structure, rust is an indication of age and may also be indicative of the guy wires needing replacement. 

  • If rust is exhibited through any of the tubes, that particular tube should be discarded.  Tower tubes corrode fastest in coastal environments; reports indicate that tower tubes in this environment can corrode and become unusable in 1 year or less. Tower tubes are reported to last longer in dry climates such as deserts, where corrosion is minimal.  In these environments, tower tubes are reported to last up to 10 years. 
  • Towers exposed to agricultural fertilizers can also result in advanced tube and guy wire corrosion.  NRG Systems utilizes a high quality, advanced 2-part epoxy painting process for the painted towers.  This painting process significantly improves tower tube corrosion resistance.


  • While a minor dent and ding on a tower tube has little effect on its structural strength, severely dented tubes could have an effect on the structure, especially if the tube is located in a section of tower that experiences high compressive forces during the tower lift (mid-level sections).  If these tubes must be used, locating the tubes on the lower sections of the tower is recommended.  If there is any doubt, throw it out and contact NRG Systems to arrange for replacement tubes.


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