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Painted vs. unpainted towers

Julia Austin

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Some tower locations require the top section to be painted per FAA guidelines.  In order to meet this requirement, the use of FAA-regulated paint is also a consideration.  If the used tower does not have a painted top section or if it is not clear whether the paint is FAA regulated or not, we suggest purchasing a painted top section from NRG Systems.


NRG Systems offers a choice of two solutions that address a requirement for painted towers:


1.  The ?Hi-Vis? solution consists of the top third of the tower being painted tubes:


#4609    Tube assembly, flared, lanced, 203mm (8?) x 2.2m (87?), orange             

#4610    Tube assembly, flared, lanced, 203mm (8?) x 2.2m (87?), white


2.  The ?Painted? option is a fully painted tower from top to bottom.  Please speak with your NRG Sales Representative for part numbers and pricing for this option.

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