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Re-using tower components

Julia Austin

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Every tower installation should include new guy wires.  It is very important from a safety perspective to not reuse any guy wires.  The reason guy wires should not be reused is because they are the primary, most wearable parts of a tower.  Guy wires are made up of multiple strands of high strength, steel wire.  When the wire is turned sharply (e.g. to secure wire rope clips, or swedged to guy rings), or stretched severely due to severe wind events, the wire is made more brittle because of the physical stress resulting from bending breaks in the molecular bonds.  Fissures also form and introduce corrosion deep into the wire, which also causes brittleness over time.  Re-using guy wires is not considered a best-practice for all of these reasons, and most notably causes safety concerns.

It is strongly recommended you consider replacing the anemometers to ensure accuracy in the data.  We also suggest that all sensors be replaced, particularly those that were installed on the used tower for a long period of time.  Some sites are more harsh to sensors than others, which would lower the life of the sensor.

The current NRG Systems? sensor boom is 95?, and is IEC 61400-12 compliant.  If you have earlier, legacy booms that are shorter, you need to consider replacing those booms in order to be compliant with more recent regulations.



The exterior sensor wire sheath does age over time due to exposure to the sun?s UV rays and climate.  Replacement of sensor wires should also be considered.

NRG Systems has several tower upgrade kits available, including one for new guy wires.  Kit part #s are listed below:


Sensor and sensor wire replacement kit, #40C                                             #7273                  

Sensor and sensor wire replacement kit, Class 1 Measnet                        #7274                  

Sensor and sensor wire replacement kit, Class 1 Otech                             #7275  

Sensor and sensor wire replacement kit, #40C & Class 1 Measnet           #7333

Sensor and sensor wire replacement kit, #40C & Class 1 Otech                #7334

Sensor and sensor wire replacement kit, #40C & WindSensor               #7335                           

Guy wire replacement kit                                                                                    #7276


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