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Technical Support Bulletin 010 ? SymphoniePLUS3 Channel 7 13 March 2012

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Technical Support Bulletin 010 ? SymphoniePLUS3 Channel 7

Applies to serial numbers below 494101200     13 March 2012

NRG Systems has found a problem in the way the SymphoniePLUS3 (with rev. 33 and lower firmware) calculates direction data on channel 7.  The problem affects both the direction average and standard deviation.  While the logger is  performing certain housekeeping tasks, channel 7?s ?channel type? is incorrectly changed from ?vane? to ?analog?, thereby applying the inappropriate averaging algorithm to the data.

The degree to which this problem exhibits itself depends upon the number of readings which cross the vane potentiometer?s dead band (some vane readings taken from northwest and some taken from northeast within a 10 minute interval).  For 10 minute intervals where this distribution of readings occurs, errors result in both the average and standard deviation for channel 7.  Affected readings will noticeably differ from other vanes reporting from the Channel 7 deadband direction.  For 10 minute intervals in which the wind is primarily from the southwest and southeast of the dead band, no errors result.

There are several options for dealing with this problem.

  1. You may move the vane currently on channel 7 to channel 8 (if it is available) or to channel 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, or 12 by using a Vane SCM card.  Vane SCM cards will be available upon request, and provided and shipped at no charge.

  2. You may choose to do nothing now, and at your convenience send the logger(s) to NRG Systems for an upgrade when either your measurement project is complete or after your next site visit.  Any SymphoniePLUS3 loggers received before May 2014 will receive updates at no charge, and NRG will cover return shipping.
  3. You may return your logger(s) to NRG Systems immediately for an upgrade at no charge.  Contact us for an RMA number, and we?ll provide shipping instructions.  Updates will be done within a couple days and shipped back to you at no charge, and the logger will have an additional 2 years of warranty coverage. 

Unfortunately, we do not know of a way to correct for this error in post processing.  This firmware issue is confined to the SymphoniePLUS3?s channel 7 and does not affect channel 8 or any other channels on the logger.

Please contact NRG Systems Technical Support with any questions.


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