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Technical Support Bulletin 009 - 80 m XHD TallTower 2 March 2012

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 The current version of the 80 m XHD TallTower manual (rev 6.0) contains the new installation recommendations referred to below.  The latest manual can be downloaded from here:


Technical Support Bulletin 009 - 80 m XHD TallTower

Technical Support Bulletin      2 March 2012

Based on information from recent field installations and as part of our continuous improvement process, we are developing new recommendations to enhance and improve safety during the 80 m XHD installation procedure.  These revisions will contain some important changes related to recommended guy wire tensioning during the lifting or lowering process.   Proper guy wire tension is critical for a safe and successful tower installation.

Please do not raise or lower your 80 m XHD until you receive these revised safety guidelines. 

Some of these revisions will take approximately one month to perfect and verify.  At that time, we will release a new version of the installation manual and send a follow up note, highlighting changes to the installation method, and link to the new version of the 80 m XHD installation manual.  We understand that this delay may inconvenience you, and we will do everything we can to complete our work as quickly as possible.

We greatly appreciate the feedback we have received from you, as well as allowing us to be directly involved with some of your installations.

As always, please contact NRG Systems Technical Support with any questions.

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