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% Percentage of affected sensors


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can you give any estimates regarding the percentage of affected sensors?


- what is the total percentage of affected sensors since 2006

- is there a serial number dependency of affected sensors (i.e. if sensor with serial number 100 is affected then number 99 and 101 are more likely than average to be affected as well)?


Looking forward to your answer,





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Hello, Sebastian - We've spoken with some customers who report no incidences and some who report very high incidences of affected anemometers.

Based on all of the data that we?ve looked at, and all of the sensors we?ve looked at, it?s somewhere between 20% and 30%. We?ve had it reported as high as 100% by some customers. So we can only base that on looking at the entire population of sensors, and our best estimate is it is somewhere in that range.


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