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Private APN for Windlinx GSM iPacks "nrg.windlinx.com"


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NRG Systems Inc., through its partnership with Wireless Innovation has made available the private APN  "nrg.windlinx.com" for users of any Windlinx GSM SIM card. 

The private APN  "nrg.windlinx.com" connects the GSM devices directly to Wireless Innovation's IP network, ?bypassing? or ?tunneling through? the internet (very similar to a VPN connection).  Under this configuration, Wireless Innovation can ?see? all the way back to the device in the field, which is not possible with a public APN.  This added  "end to end" visibility of the network aids in troubleshooting and increases performance due to the direct path back to the WIL servers.  

The private APN is included with account documentation from Windlinx and the "automagic" IPK file generator found in the Windlinx website also places the APN directly into you iPack configuration file, making it's use transparent to the user. 

The private APN is already "backward compatible" with SIM cards already shipped - all SIMs have been provisioned with the private APN.  If you wish to use the private APN with an existing Windlinx SIM, the IPK file may be updated (either on site or through use of a patch file).

Note that the public APN already used by Windlinx will also continue to function.


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