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PopAuto import to Database behavior


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I'm hoping someone can describe how PopAuto deals with importing RWDs into the site database file when run with the /S switch.  I am particularly interested in how it deals with RWD files that have been flagged as changed.  How do other people deal with the automatic processing of large numbers of sites' RWD files into the NSD databases? 




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Hi Matt - here are the details...

  • Since the /S functionality of SDR is unattended,

    any event that requires user interaction is ignored. Instead SDR will create a

    .log file in the ScaledData folder containing an alert.

  • In the

    case of an unprocessable file, no TXT file will be created and no data will be


  • In cases such as a sensor update flag, data will still be imported, and

    both the TXT and LOG file will be created.

The bottom line is that when creating an automated

system care must be taken to alert the operator on the creation of .LOG

files.   I would suggest that the .LOG alerts alerts are "pushed" to the operator by your automation engine (create and send an alert email with the log file contents) if possible.

Even with an efficient and automated process, human intervention may be required.







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