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Forced Initialization using Phone Diagnose Window on Verizon Networks


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The following is a list of instructions describing how to initialize a CDMA phone/iPack in an area that is not a Verizon Home Area.

Ideally, a CDMA iPack using a Verizon account needs to be initialized in a Verizon Home Area in order to obtain the PRL (Preferred Roaming List).  This is a quick fix if you are in the field and a Verizon Home Area is impossible/impractical to drive to.

To use the Phone Diagnose window, you will need to do the following:

Open up SDR (Symphonie Data Retriever) on your PC.

Type nrgphone on your keyboard (you do not need to enter this in any field - just type it into blank space).

A dialog box will come up entitled Phone Diagnose - click on the CDMA tab.

You will click the buttons on this screen from left to right starting with Get DIR, then Unlock SPC, Go Offline, Set DIR.

When Set DIR is clicked, you will need to enter the 10 digit Verizon phone number is this field with no spaces. Click OK.

Click Reset Mode, then Reset.

*This method of phone initialization does not upload the Verizon PRL of the cellular provider. 

If this did not work, you will still receive one of the following error messages:

072 - No carrier modem response.

075 - Access denied to POP3 server.

001 - Cannot make call.

If you receive an error message, and everything is correctly setup within the *.ipk file, you will need to go to a Verizon Home Area to initialize the iPack in order to obtain the PRL.

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