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'Print precision' doesnt work on database export

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UPDATE! - This only existed for data that had trailing zeros, because SRD automatically removes them when data is exported.

Thanks to Dave C for pointing that out in a separate email.



Original msg:


If you are batch processing RWD files and specify in the site info editor window of your NSD file that you want a certain print precision for channels, it will apply that precision only to the immediate individual text file conversions of the RWD file (if you uncheck 'do not output text files' that is). But for any later exports, the print precision reverts to a default, even if a custom one is still specified in the NSD file.

This is a minor thing, but has always confused me. Is there a reason behind this?




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Hi David,

 Thanks for your question.  With NSD site files, the default print precision is 0.1.  To change this, you will have to step through each channel in the site information editor window, and save the site file when complete.

 If you have already imported some data before making the changes, you will need to re-import all past files to use these new settings.



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