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OutAuto - general use

David Carlson

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OutAuto.exe is a program that comes bundled with the Symphonie Data Retriever software package.  It can be used to extract datafiles from emails sent using iPacks - GSM, Satellite or CDMA.

Please note that OutAuto only works with Microsoft Outlook.  It is not compatible with Microsoft Outlook Express or any non-microsoft email handling program.

If Outlook Express is installed it can prevent OutAuto from working properly, even if Outlook is being used as the default mail handler.

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We no longer actively support OutAuto.exe, but do include it in the SDR package for the convenience of the few that use it.

Essentially, the program checks your client instance of Outlook for available folders. When you select a folder and click "Extract RWD files," OutAuto then looks for RWD attachments in all of the messages. When it finds RWD files, it copies them to C:\NRG\RawData\1234 (where "1234" is the site number for the raw data file) and deletes the email.

Let me know if you need anything else.


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