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Upgrading SymphoniePRO Logger & iPack Firmware


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Version 1.2 and higher of the SymphoniePRO Desktop Application will detect when new firmware is available for SymphoniePRO Loggers and iPacks and notify the user that they are available. The following instructions show how to use the Desktop Application to upgrade the firmware. 


Downloading Firmware Files:


A flag in an orange box will appear to the left of the File menu on the top menu bar if there is new firmware available for SymphoniePRO Loggers and/or iPacks. Clicking the flag will open the 'SymphoniePRO Application Updates' window, which will list the latest firmware versions available.




Click the Download button to download the firmware. The firmware will download into the Documents\Renewable NRG Systems\Firmware folder by default.


[You can change the location that the firmware files are downloaded by clicking 'File' in the upper right hand corner of the application screen and choosing 'Settings'].


*Note: If you are using an older version of SymphoniePRO Desktop Application (1.x.x.x.x), you will need to go to the RNRG Software/Firmware Downloads page http://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/services-support/documentation-and-downloads/software-downloads to download the latest firmware for the instruments you have. Place the downloaded firmware file in the Documents\Renewable NRG Systems\Firmware folder.





Upgrading Logger Firmware with a USB or MetLink (remote) connection:


Connect to the logger by establishing a MetLink connection or directly connecting the logger to the PC with a USB cord.


Go to the Logger tab, and press the Upgrade Logger Firmware button in the Configuration section to open the Upgrade Logger Firmware window.




Browse to wherever the latest firmware version is stored on your PC (by default it will be the 'Firmware' folder), select the firmware version, click 'Open' and then press 'Start Upgrade' to begin upgrading.







Upgrading iPack Firmware with a USB or MetLink (remote) connection:

To upgrade the iPack firmware, go to the iPack tab, and press the Upgrade iPack Firmware button in the Configuration section to open the Upgrade iPack Firmware window.




Browse to wherever the latest firmware version is stored on your PC, select the firmware version, and click Start Upgrade to begin upgrading.







Scheduling an automated firmware upgrade

If you would like to schedule a remote firmware upgrade when you are not currently connected to a logger, this can be done in the Automation tab. Next to Logger (or iPack), check the Upgrade Logger (or iPack) Firmware box, browse to wherever the latest firmware version is stored on your PC, and open the firmware version. After selecting the firmware to upgrade, click Save to Site File at the top of the screen.




The next time a MetLink connection is established (either Logger Initiated or Logger Listening), the firmware will be upgraded.


Note: The only way to upgrade firmware remotely is through a MetLink connection. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you enable a MetLink Logger Initiated schedule, a MetLink Logger Listening Schedule, or both, when programming your SymphoniePRO logger.

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