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BP 20 Sensor working

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The RNRG BP20 Barometric Pressure sensor uses absolute pressure transducer that creates a 0-5V DC signal. The output voltage is directly proportional to the barometric pressure. For example:


The transfer function of the sensor is kPa = (Voltage x 21.79) + 10.55 typical (each unit comes with a unique calibration sheet).


A 1v DC output from the sensor would be kPa = (1 x 21.79) + 10.55 = 32.34 kPa ~ 323.4 mb.


A 4.8v DC output from the sensor would be kPa = (4.8 x 21.79) + 10.55 = 115.142 kPa ~ 1151.42 mb.


That being said, the lowest recorded barometric pressure on earth was 870 mb and the highest was 1083.3 mb. This means that the voltage output will realistically range between 3.5V - 4.5V DC.

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