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Down tower grounding


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Regarding tower configurations, we have a 34m tall tower of which only 75 feet was erected, due to a test configuration on a small turbine. I have three guys installed at right angles for a total of twelve. I have read the announcement regarding the down tower grounding on NRG tall towers. While the literature states that the announcement applies to all NRG tall towers, is there any consideration I need to make for this configuration regarding the instruments a third party installs? I just want to ensure that my interpretation of the literature and test analysis is correct for the height we have installed. Thanks! 

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Thank you for your email.


I'm not sure exactly which App Note you are referring to, although I think it's the "Technical Background Supporting Removal of the Lightning Ground Wire on NRG TallTowers".


The document gives RNRG's reasoning in not recommending down tower ground wire anymore.


I'm afraid I cannot give you any advice regarding the third party wind turbine because I don't know anything about it. I would check with the manufacturer and see if they have some sort of schematic or standard installation guide for the turbine.


Let me know if you have any questions by emailing support@rnrgsystems.com.



Thank you,



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