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Exporting SymphoniePLUS Data in 12-Channel Format (using NEFs)

David Carlson

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If you have a database that is setup to handle the export format from a Symphonie Classic (12-channel) and want to incorporate data from a SymphoniePLUS (15-channel) without the data from 13, 14 and 15, you can use a custom format type.

Attached you will find an NEF file that will give the option to export only the data from channels 1 - 12 for SymphoniePLUS data.

Look under the thread title for the file "PLUStoCLASSICFormat.txt"  Save this file to the directory on your harddrive that SDR is installed in (C:\NRG\SymDR). Change the filename to 'PLUStoCLASSICFormat.NEF'.

NRG Export Formats

Note: the custom export formats will show at the bottom of the 'Save as type' list, and will be denoted by a leading asterisk.


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