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Testing Vanes

Fred T

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 You're right, it's generally a good idea to test your vanes before reinstalling them.  The 200P is a potentiometer based wind vane - 10k nominal.  You can find instructions on testing them in our KnowledgeBase:


 Here's what that entry says:

Testing a 200P wind vane



  • Disconnect the vane from the logger.

  • Set your DVM to the 20K OHM scale and measure from the first
    terminal to the last terminal (skipping the center terminal). The
    reading should be around 10K ohms nominal (minimum 8K ohms, maximum 12K

  • Measure from each end terminal to the center terminal. You should
    see a reading that varies between 0 and 10K ohms (depending on the
    position of the tail of the vane relative to the body of the vane) in
    each of these two cases.

    • Notes: 
      • There is a "deadband" of 8 degrees centered around north which will measure as an open circuit (infinite resistance). 
      • When the notch on the head and body align, the vane is pointing towards "electrical" north.

Example 1:

  • Vane tail is fixed pointing south
  • End to end resistance = 10500 ohms
  • Either end to center will equal about 5250 ohms
Example 2:

  • Vane tail is fixed pointing east
  • End to end resistance = 10500 ohms
  • One end to center will equal about 2625 ohms
  • The other end to center will equal about 7875 ohms

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