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error message "bad or unssupportated loger model"

Guest erwan

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When i want to open my files this message appears: "bad or unssupportated loger model". I did all the procedure of this web page but i did'nt succeed to format my SD card like it, i just put in the card slot and the card statu's is "card inserted". Sometimes i receive iPackGPS.RWD files and sometimes 059720190115002 (for example) files but just of 2ko. Do you think the problem comes from the SD card ?



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Hello Erwan,

Thank you for your message. 

What do you see after importing the data files into Symphonie Data Retriever and then pressing Events? 

The Event log should show if its the SD card (MMC Card Failure) or if it's the logger itself is having issues (Reboots). 

My suggestion would be to try a new SD card and see if that helps. 

Feel free to send the last week's worth of data files to us at support@nrgsystems.com. 

Thank you,


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