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How to use the data obtained from Symphonie data logger


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Dear all, 

I have confusion regarding the scale factor in Symphonie Anemometer.  Following is the sensor information I have got from my data logger

Sensor Information-----

Channel #    1
Type    1
Description    NRG #40 Anem. m/s
Serial Number    SN:50m 1
Height    50   m
Scale Factor    0.758
Offset    0.44
Units    m/s

What is the use of scale factor during the data analysis? Can we use the retrieved data directly for further analysis  like Weilbull Construction or do we need to use the scale factor ( multiply or divide the measured data ) before the further analysis? 

Waiting for reply. 

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It appears that you are working with exported data files from a SymphoniePLUS3 or older logger.

The files the logger creates are in RWD format - a proprietary binary encoded file. The data in these files is stored as raw counts and pulses; unscaled.

At the time of export, the data is scaled. it may be scaled per the logger settings (stored in the file) or scaled using settings in the Site file. The information in the header of the exported data, as you show in your original post, indicates how the sensor was scaled at the time of export. 

If you wish to change the scaling of the data in the export, the best approach is to:

  1. Change the scaling for the desired channels in the Site file
  2. Re-import the RWD files
  3. Re-export the data to TXT using the updated settings.

More information can be found in the SymphoniePLUS3 manual, starting on page 96:



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