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Remote Alaska GSM service


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THis is the message i have recived from the provider in the area...  Essentially they dont have cellular data coverage.  They are able to do data through a CPE device.  Could the NRG products be configured to do this?

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Our cellular service is GSM, however in Bush Alaska we do not offer data capability, just voice.  What we do offer in Golovin for Internet access is an outdoor antenna that then plugs into a CPE device via ethernet ran inside a customer's home/business.


So unless you have a way to connect your equipment via ethernet, or you mean your equipment does a dialup connection using a cell phone instead of a land line, then in Golovin there is no option from GCI that would work.





I am really trying to avoid the high satillite costs for this install.  Thanks for your time,


Ian Graham



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 Hi Ian,

 Thanks for your question.

Our GSM iPack is capable of performing Circuit Switched Data (CSD) calls.  This is the older dialup method (*crackle crackle, *beep beep).  If your cellular service provider allows this type of connection, that may solve your problem.

Most larger GSM service providers have disabled CSD in favor of GPRS connections.  This includes AT&T in the US, Rogers in Canada, and Vodaphone and Orange in Europe.


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