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Where to get Stamped Drawings for XHD Towers in the United States

David Carlson

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Permitting requirements for tower installations vary much by country, state (province) and municipality.  We have included in our XHD manual a drawing that includes the finite element analysis of both 50 m and 60 m XHD towers. This drawing includes a stamp from a Massachusetts-based Professional Engineer (PE). 

Some municipalities require that finite element analysis be performed by a PE from their state.  This means that the drawing submitted for permit approval may have to be stamped again locally.

We have found two engineering firms who are familiar with our towers who can get the drawing stamped in most places in the US:

1) WPCS International > Matthew Cumberworth Sr. > Matthew.CumberworthSr@wpcs.com

2) Robert Winterhalter > robertswinterhalter@gmail.com

If you have any other resources on this topic to share, please reply to this post and add them below.


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