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obtain logger temperatures


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I'm still getting my crash course using the standard Symphonie Data Logger with a #40C Calibrated Anemometer.  The equipment had previously been used on a wind study met tower and now i have only 1 anemometer connected to channel #4.


-Starting to use the SDR, i see that there is a report option that logs the temperature of the logger itself, but i don't see if that can be output into an exportable file?

-Also, i'm not clear on the data that is exported after its scaled.  The outputs are Max, Min, Average & Std Dev.  I understand the logger sampling is once every 2 seconds.  Is the Max velocity readings actually the peak 2-sec gust for the respective 10min sample period?


Thanks for your help in advance-



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The max and min values in exported data refer to the max and min 2-second sample in the 10-minute interval.

The logger's internal temp is stored in the site database.  However, it's not really bankable data, so it is not included in the export.  If you would like to see this data in an exported table, you can link to the NSD file in C:\NRG\SiteFiles via an MSQuery data connection in Excel.  If you're unsure how to do this, contact support@nrgsystems.com for instructions.


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