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Time offset application

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I have a question regarding the application of the time offset using SDR.


When using the 'adjust time offsets' function where does the offset get applied?  To the database (site) file or to the RWD files?  I ask because i have been provided with a number of RWD files in which a period of the data appears to be shifted by a number of days, however, there is no sign of any time offset being applied.  We are sure the data has been shifted due to comparisons with other wind speed measurements nearby.  Is there a chance that the time stamps in these RWD files have been adjusted?  Is this possible?





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The offset is saved in the site file (SiteNumber.nsd).  This means that the shift in time will be observed when viewing RWD files using the Site File to scale the readings. These also come into play when batch processing data.

The RWD files are unaffected by time offset adjustments.

Clock shifts can happen if there is a hard reboot; usually only a sizeable ESD event will cause this.  Is there an iPack attached?  If so, once it connected to the internet time server it would have reset the logger's clock.



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