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Are Symphonie and SymphoniePLUS wiring panels compatible?

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Although the Symphonie and SymphoniePLUS wiring panels both have the same db27 connectors, they are not to be used interchangeably. For example, do not wire a Symphonie classic with a SymphoniePLUS wiring panel and vice versa.

The classic Symphonie (serial numbers starting with 3090xxxxx) have a 12 channel wiring panel that supports six counter channels and six analog channels. If a SymphoniePLUS wiring panel is used on a classic Symphonie, the data logged on counter channels 1 through 3 will be duplicated on channels 13 through 15, and the data may be distorted.

The SymphoniePLUS (serial numbers starting with 4280xxxxx) has nine counter channels and six analog channels.  If a classic Symphonie wiring panel is used on a SymphoniePLUS it may log data on the first 12 channels. If channels 13 through 15 are used the data will be significantly distorted.

A SymphoniePLUS3 wiring panel will not fit on either of the older Symphonie loggers.


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