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WindLinx FAQ and Links

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Below are some common questions regarding WindLinx service: 

Q: A bear ate the antennae on my iPack. Can I suspend service until it's fixed?

A: Yes. Unlike other wireless providers, WindLinx service can be suspended for up to 3 months within any 12-month period.


Q: What is the minimum service contract period?

A: WindLinx uses a 12-month minimum service contract period, in contrast to the 24-month or 36-month contracts with high penalties that are common in the wireless industry.


Q: Is my data gone? An update to our corporate junk filter blocked data delivery from my project site.

A: No, your data is not lost because your mailbox data delivery is backed up by the WindLinx service. Your data is secure and confidential, no one else can look at it, but mailbox data delivery is backed up automatically for 28 days. You simply contact Support for assistance restoring your mailbox data.


Q: I cannot find my iPack configuration files. What happens?

A: Windlinx has ability to store iPack settings and other site configuration documentation files and notes on line. Windlinx contains an iPack configuration wizard; just specify where you want the data delivered and at what call interval and the ipk configuration file is automatically generated. The generated file can then be emailed to field technician.


Q: What is the 10-day service plan for? How does it work?

A: The 10-day plan is an inexpensive fail-safe activation option for those times a field tech finds out WindLinx wireless accounts have not yet been established for the iPacks at a particular project site. The 10-day plan allows the tech to activate and field test while on location, and then to contact the appropriate manager to transfer billing for the remaining 355 days of the 12-month plan.


Helpful Links About WindLinx:

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