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hi folks,

I am completely new to NRG systems, though I managed to grab some idea about its operation. I am using the stored files only for wind analysis.

My problem is that each time I tried to access old data files, it gives me the error message that "one or more crc not matched". I read in the FAQ that there may be something wrong with PIN. However. I could not find the PIN entry.

With the warning message I got some files with strange data more than 10,000 m/s wind speed. Again with the same error message I can get good data also in some other data files which are stored as good files location. My concern is if there is something wrong in PIN then I shold get the bad data with good files also. Anyway, I tried to find out the PIN and the location but unable to locate. There are still more questions coming but for now could somebody kindly help me that how to check whether PIN configuration is whether right. Thanks

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 Suman, thanks for your questions.

 If the data is encrypted (i.e. the logger has a PIN) then the Site File needs the PIN as well.  Otherwise, you will see readings spiking in the 1000's of meters per second, as you described.

If the Site File has a PIN, and the raw data is not encrypted, it will still read properly.  It sounds like this is your situation.  You will want to find out what the PIN is for the older data.

If you would like to send me your data for a quick analysis, feel free to contact me directly.

All the best,

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