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NRG #200P wind direction Vane output signal

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Does anyone know what output signal range is emitted from the NRG# 200P wind direction vane?

Also, why does it have a 3 wires connection configuration? Can it be integrated in a 2 wires analog data acquisition system?


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The NRG 200P wind direction vane is a potentiometer-based sensor. It delivers a linear ratiometric output relative to excitation voltage and position.

As it uses a potentiometer, it requires three connections: (+) excitation, (Sig) signal out, (-) DC common.

This can be integrated into a 2-wire analog DAQ system. The signal out and DC common lines will connect to your DAQ directly. The excitation may be obtained from a shared VCC rail in your system (usually 12V, note that the max excitation for the 200P is 15V).

Also, whatever you use for excitation must be from a regulated supply. Any variation in excitation will skew your readings.

Good luck!

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