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Dear Sirs, i just wanted to know if there is any method to test the accuracy of Symphonie Plus 3 data logger at site i.e. in case we want to check if the logger is properly recording (converting signals from anemometers / wind vane) the correct values of wind speed etc.


A similar sensor testing is mentioned in application note. http://www.nrgsystems.com/TechSupport/KnowledgeBase.aspx?id=4&category=16




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 Hi Zeeshan,

Good question. It is possible to test the frequency inputs:

  • program the channel in the logger with these values
    • scale factor = 1
    • offset = 0.
  • Input a squarewave of known frequency 
Whatever the frequency of the input should match the values recorded in the datafile.

 The analog channels can be tested in a similar manner, though the data will be scaled according to the number of steps in the input voltage range.

To test the analogs,

  • Use a 3153 Temperature SCM. This SCM is setup for a full scale voltage reading of 2.500 volts.
  • As it is a 10-bid a/d converter, program the channel in the logger with these values
    • scale factor = 0.0024
    • offset = 0.
  • Then, apply voltages from 0 - 2.500 V and verify that the datafile matches your inputted voltage.

For the vane inputs you can apply a voltage from 0 - 2.500 V using the default scale factor and offset. The scaled readings on the vane channels will sweep from 4 - 356 degrees in a linear fashion.

 Note that you can view the logger's display to verify the output, but there may be a slight discrepancy between the inputted voltage and displayed value. The data in the RWD file will be precise.


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