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Programming a Logger with Symphonie Data Retriever: Logger Parameter Editor

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Did you know you can program the settings in your SymphoniePLUS3 logger using Symphonie Data Retriever?

Well - you can! Follwo these simple steps to pre-program your logger in the office before setting out for an installation. 


  • Before connecting to the iPack and logger, insert the SCM cards you plan on using for the Flex and/or Analog channels.

  • Connect the iPack and logger to the computer using the Headset\Programming Adapter, which comes as part of the iPack Programming Kit.

  • Open Symphonie Data Retriever, click on "Site" and select "Modify iPack Settings" from the drop down menu.

SDR Main Page

  • Once in the Modify iPack Settings window, click on "File" and choose "Logger Parameter Editor.

Modify iPack Settings

  • When the Logger Parameter Editor window has opened, click "Load from Logger". A warning will pop up saying "Are all SCMs already correctly inserted?". If they are - click "Yes". If not, insert the cards and then click "Yes".

Logger Editor 2013-05-17_1617.png

  • SDR will fill out all of the information that it has to add. Then you can go though the editor and program the following settings:

-Site Number, Time Zone, Elevation, Latitude, Longitude, Default Units and all channel information.


  • When finished programming the logger, click "Save to Logger". 


  • If you would like a text file with all of the parameters programmed in the logger, click the "Export to TX" button.


  • Finally, disconnect the iPack and logger from SDR and view the logger settings through the logger LCD display [Home --> 4. Settings --> 1. Counter Cahnnels or 2. Analog Channels].

All done!

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