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Exported direction data does not match wind roses


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For a particular period of about 3 months of data, wind roses produced in SDR look pretty normal, like the wind roses it displays for other months, with various directions showing more or less wind. But, in the data exported for that time period, the values for the wind vanes never change. This is a 3-month period from a total of about 2 years of data for this site. The exported values from the vane channels show expected variations for the rest of the measurement period.


What's up? How is SDR getting values that show expected variation? How do I get those values?


Thanks in advance.



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 Hi Dan,

 Interesting quandry... You indicate that the wind rose looks good, but the exported data does not.

Usually, in situations like this I recommend re-importing the data for that period:

1) Make sure the site files' channel configurations are proper (Site > Edit Site > select site, then run through the channels on the right)

2) Re-import the files for the 3-month period (Site > View Database > Import Raw Files)

3) Export the data again


If that doesn't fix it you can create a new site file. The trick is to "hide" the current site file from SDR:

A) Open Windows Explorer

B) Navigate to C:\NRG\SiteFiles

C) Create a new Directory called TEMP

D) Drag your old site file into the TEMP directory

 Now you can create a new site file by double-clicking on a recent RWD file.

If you are still running into the same problem, zip up your site file and RWDs and send them to support@nrgsystems.com for more help

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