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Can i update site setting in my automation process?


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 I am currently working on automating the SDR and I got log file saying "file contains updated sensor info" after I changed the hardware, the problem is that the program keeps running without changing the setting automatically. I know I should open site information editor and change setting, however, is there a way to set SDR to automatically accept any chagnes in the setting?

thank you.


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 Hi Dan,

There is no way to automate accepting the changes. This was intentional so that any changes at the logger would result in the data processor downstream being made aware of the changes.

This should only happen when there is a scaling or SCM change in the logger, so should not occur very often.

I hope that helps.


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This limitation is major inconvenience. I do not understand the reasoning behind this limitation either.

We are downloading and batch processing RWD files daily for several different met masts. The whole purpose of the batch processing is that it should NOT require any manual interaction.

If there is a sensor update (which happens every now and then), SDR will not import the sensor update but will indeed convert the RWD file to text using the old (invalid) sensor list. This results in text files with invalid data and/or missing data columns. The now invalid sensor list will apply TO EACH FILE converted after the sensor update. To solve the problem you would have to backtrack to find when the sensor update took place, manually apply the sensor update and then manually convert each file again. Inconvenient? Yes indeed.

When would you want to export / generate files that are invalid? Never.

In batch mode, SDR should either

1) Import the sensor update automatically OR
2) Not import the sensor update but then also refuse the conversion altogether

or even better

3) if the command line flag "-f|--force" (or whatever) is present, use 1) above, if not, use 2).

Are any updates to SDR regarding this issue anywhere in the roadmap?


EDIT: All my new lines are stripped. How do i insert a newline / paragraph?

EDIT 2: Manually wrapping each paragraph in <p> ... </p> seems to work, great ...

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