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Wrong dates in RWD files

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Hi all,


we made a mistake with the date setup in one of our dataloggers: we configured the date one month in advance, so instead of march, it was configured as if it was april. Some days after, the datalogger date was set back to what it should have been, but now we have a "hole" in our data. We do have the corresponding RWD files for each month, but our system is unable to tell which data to use, so... is there a way to change the dates present in the RWD files? Renaming the files is not enough, we need to modify the data present in those files.


Thanks in advance,

Rodolfo Jalabert,

Electrical engineer.

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 Hi Rodolfo,

You are not alone on that; it happens all the time. 

The fix is to use the "Time offsets" function in SDR. Click Site > Adjust time offsets.The instructions will show on the SDR screen.

Note that you'll want to calculate the time in hours (out to a few decimal places). This is a handy site for doing just that: http://www.grun1.com/utils/dateTimeDiff.cfm



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