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Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket Output Singal?


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Good afternoon,


I am trying to connect the Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket to a Data Logger I already have (not a NRG Data Logger) and I would like to get further information about the Output signal.


Is it an analogic or a digital signal? Does it supplies "mA" or "mV" ? How it works exactly?


Thanks in adavanced for your help.

Best regards.


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 The rain gauge tipping bucket that we resell uses a magnet and reed switch to report instances when the bucket tips.

Each time the internal bucket tips, the magnet passes by the reed switch. This causes the switch to close, shorting the two output terminals of the sensor together.

Your logger should have some sort of counter channel that can detect pulses; these pulses then need to be accumulated over time to arrive at rain fall total amounts.

I hope that helps.

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