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PPP_Err: iPack Error Explanation & Solution

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From time to time we?ve heard from customers whose GSM iPackGPS units have stopped calling, and are reporting a PPP_ERR. There are a number of different PPP errors that an iPack can generate but they almost always relate to the APN name, username or password of a GSM iPack. Here is the full list of PPP errors:


The first step to getting the iPack working is to double check the APN settings, and confirm that they are correct. Make sure you have the latest version of Symphonie Data Retriever before proceeding. You can check what version you have by opening the program, click on ?Help? and choose ?About?:



The current version is 7.03.15. If you have any older version you can download the update HERE.

1.    Connect the iPack to a laptop using an iPack Programming Kit and open Symphonie Data Retriever.

2.    Click on ?Site? and choose ?Modify iPack Settings?. Wait for the program to detect the iPack in the bottom left of the screen: 



3.    Click ?File? and choose ?Load from iPack?. This will load the iPacks current settings.

4.    Look at the settings in the ?ISP Access? tab. The PPP errors refer to the ?User Name?, ?User Password? and ?APN Name (GPRS Only)? boxes:


5.    WindLinx settings are: User Name: web / Password: web / APN Name: nrg.windlinx.com or internet.

6.    Other GSM carriers will have their own GPRS APN name, user name and password. You can check with them or reference this list: http://www.taniwha.org.uk/gprs.html. This webpage is good information about carriers APN information, however there is always a chance that it may be incorrect.

7.    a)    If the APN information in the iPack is correct, close the Modify iPack Settings window.
       B)    If the APN information is incorrect, uncheck the box to the right of the text box and edit it with the correct information. Once finished, click ?File? and choose ?Save to iPack?.

8.    Move back to the logger and force a call by pressing [Home --> 3. Status --> 4. IPack --> 1. Call Now].

If the call succeeds, you?re all done! If it fails, please continue?

If the PPP error persists, the cause of this issue is likely due to the iPack?s modem connecting to a carrier that does not support the current APN name. Unless the modem is locked to a specific carrier, it will choose whichever one it strongest, which sometimes is not compatible with the iPack settings. Once this happens the iPack will not be able to call.

To remedy this, the modem needs to be locked to a specific carrier.

9.    Reconnect the iPack and logger to the laptop and open Symphonie Data Retriever.

10.    Type ?nrgphone? into the keyboard (there isn?t anything to type this into, just type the code and the Phone Diagnose window will open).

11.    Wait for the AT commands to stop coming which will be signified by a final ?OK? in the text screen:


12.    Select the ?GSM Network? tab and click ?Check Network Lock?. You can see what network the modem is currently locked to. The network description shown will look similar to ?+COPS: 0, 2, 123456? (above, right). If the first number is 0, the modem frequency is not locked (auto). If the first number is 1, the modem frequency is locked to the network specified by the third number.

13.    Click ?List Available Networks?. This will take a bit of time (15 - 30 seconds). This button will return a list of GSM networks the phone can see, including carrier name and a 5-6 digit code.

While using WindLinx within the United States, AT&T is the carrier that you ideally want to lock to. It recognizes the ?nrg.windlinx.com? APN name, and once the iPack is locked to AT&T, the iPack should be able to call without any problems.

If AT&T is not an option, T-Mobile works, but requires that the APN name is changed to ?internet? while using WindLinx. If you lock to T-Mobile, go back to step 1 follow through to step 5, entering the APN name ?internet?.

? To lock to an Available Network, click ?Lock to Network?. Enter the code from the desired network. Verify you get an OK. If you want to undo this, click ?Unlock (auto select)? instead.


14.    Once you have locked to a network by entering the Network ID and pressing OK, click ?Save Settings?.

15.    Click ?Check Registration?. This checks whether the phone is on the network or not. You will see a result like ?+CREG: 0, X?. X is the status - you want a 1 or 5. All possible status results are shown below:
? 0,0 - Not registered, Mobile Equipment is not currently searching for a new operator.
? 0,1 - Registered, home network.
? 0,2 - Not registered, Mobile Equipment currently searching for a new operator to register to.
? 0,3 - Registration denied.
? 0,4 - Unknown.
? 0,5 - Registered, roaming.

16.    Close Symphonie Data Retriever and try to force a call using the logger keypad: [Home --> 3. Status --> 4. IPack --> 1. Call Now].

If it works, great! If not, contact Technical Support at 1-802-482-2255 ext. 3 or by emailing support@renewableNRGsystems.com.

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