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Wind Speed data missing for extended periods

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Our SymphoniePLUS3 logger has a #40C anemometer and #200P vane. It's been logging every 10mins for over 2 weeks however, large chucks of time have no wind speed data (but do have direction data).

We cannot identify any problems as it seem to be working at the moment, so we suspect a software error.

We can send you the raw files if necessary but has this problem been seen before? Is there a solution to fix our historic data and/or ensure that it doesn't happen again?



Enfonic Ltd

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Thank you for your message.




From the data you have sent me it appears that the #40 C

anemometer must have a connection problem somewhere.  For a sensor to have

no data, then all of the sudden show some data, then go flat line again,

usually means a connection issue is occurring.


Check the wires at the sensor and the logger to make sure

everything is ok.  Also check to make sure the wiring panel is pushed in

all the way into the logger.




Unfortunately there is no way to capture any data that may have

been lost in this situation.  If the sensor is not reporting any data,

then there is no data to capture.


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