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Data stopped recording onto MMC card


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We have a problem in that the data, which appears to being monitored by the Smphonie logger, is now not being recorded onto the MMC card. The last set of data was recorded up till midnight on 14/12/08. No adjustemnts have been made to the system previously that should affect the logging and certainly none had been made at all in the previous 3 weeks when data logging had continued. After this, although the display shows readings and the MMC card has plenty of space available no further data is being recorded.The card has been checked and appears to be perfectly sound but has been replaced just in case.

Is there a fault with our Synphonie or is it likely I have inadverntently set some parameter(s) that mean logging would stop at a certain point in time (for us 14/12/08)?

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 Thanks for the question Keith!

One of the first troubleshooting steps you should take with your Symphonie logger is to view the data your logger successfully recorded before it stopped working. After opening the last data file with Symphonie Data Retriever software click the Read Data button and then select the volts/temperature option from the view menu. These two graphs reflect the internal temperature of your logger and its voltage.If your Logger is connected to an NRG iPack the volts should be a straight line at 2v. If not, the graph reflects your Logger's battery charge, which I'm guessing may have dropped significantly. If your battery voltage drops too low, your logger will not be able to properly record data and should have its batteries replaced immediately. If changing the batteries does not solve your issue, the next step should be to contact NRG Tech Support at Support@NRGSystems.com  to arrange a repair diagnosis.


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 We have a very similar situation in all respects. We've checked the readings on the last files sent, and everything's OK with voltage and temperature.. The SD card shows only the same 30 files that were already sent via GSM, but the funny thing is that the datalogger says there are 400 files on the card. The anemometers are OK, and communicating with the logger, but if we force a send, it says 'no files to send'... Any guesses?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards,

Jo?o Mota



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Hi Jo?o,

This is interesting.  I haven't seen anything exactly like this before.  Is the card you're using of the NRG MMC type?  Have you tried replacing the card?

The "no files to send" message will only show in two instances:

1) an MMC was just inserted before the forced call, and no data is on the card
2) the logger does not see an MMC in the MMC slot

Environmental factors such as moisture or a coastal (salt) air can contribute to oxidization on the terminals.  Is this the case with this site?


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