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First time Use of the NRG 9000 lb Hydraulic Winch

Pete Dowling

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 Hi Pete,

Good questions:

1) Does the winch come with 300' of wire rope?  Yes!  The winch is setup to raise a 60m or 50m XHD.

2) Do you need to buy the cable replacement kit?  No.  The cable replacement kit is only necessary when the original cable becomes worn or damaged.

 All of the information for using the hydraulic winch - and hydraulic power unit (HPU) - is spelled out in the manual:

 Some key points to consider before you use the winch:

  • the winch is shipped without hydraulic fluid or motor oil
  • once fully assembled,start the HPU, let it run for about a minute, then shut it down.  Check to fluid level now that it has cycled and top off if necessary.

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